Latest Ufone SIM codes 2021

Ufone is a 3rd biggest cellular market shareholder in Pakistan. It has a vast network area coverage with quality services. More than 20 million customers are the part of the Ufone family. Ufone offered hundreds of cellular services to its users and introduced some codes to activate, unsubscribe, to check the remaining free minutes, SMS and internet data MBs. Some codes are used to get information about your SIM card balance, how to recharge Ufone SIM card etc. Ufone SIM codes is our new topic.

Here we have compiled a complete list of Ufone SIM codes. Try these Sim Codes to Check your package plan remaining Minutes, SMS and MB.

Do You Know?

 Ufone Number Check Code

You can check your Ufone Number in few tips without any fee. Check Ufone sim code for free by using code given here. You can check ufone sim number without balance with easy procedure.

Ufone Sim No Check Code*780*3#
Ufone Number Code*1#
Balance RequiredFree

Terms & Conditions

  • This USSD code does not require any balance.
  • The Ufone sim number can also be checked or confirmed by calling Ufone helpline 333.
  • Ufone has right to change or remove this code any time.

Ufone Balance Check Code

You can check Ufone sim balance for only Rs. 0.12 every time. You can check ufone sim balance by dialing *124#. Ufone remaining credit check code is given below:-

Balance checking code*124#
Balance requiredPKR 0.12 + tax

Terms & Conditions

  •  Ufone prepaid users are allowed to use this code on their sim irrespective of any package.
  • These prices are subject to change of any Tax rate applicable under Government of Pakistan.

Ufone Advance Code

You can get Ufone U Advance on any Ufone prepaid sim by dialing *446#. You will get Rs. 20 if your balance is less than Rs. 11 in your Ufone credit. On the next recharge, you will be charged with extra Rs.4.40 + Rs. 20.

Ufone postpaid customers can take U Advance by dialing *229#. An amount of Rs. 5 will be charged as advance fee. Other taxes will be charged as per invoice generated each month

Advance TypeCode
Ufone Prepaid U Advance*456#
Ufone Postpaid U Advance *229#

List of Ufone SIM codes

Call Ufone service center333
Register a Ufone free simGo to Nearest Ufone Franchise
To Get Ufone PUK code*336#
Call Ufone helpline333
To check Ufone balancedial *124#
How to get the Ufone advance balance (Uadvance)*456#
How To check free minutes of your Ufone package plan*706#
Activate Message delivery reportSend “SUB” to 148
How To block a number in Ufone SIMDial 420 and press 2 to add the number you want to block.
How to access Ufone free menu*333#
How to Activate Free Facebook on Ufone sim*3434#
How To send a free SMS to Call me back from Ufone*111#
How to know about your dial tune in Ufone*666#
How To activate Missed call alert for Ufone SIMSend Sub to 180   Send UnSub to 180 to deactivate
How to check your package plan remaining SMS in Ufonesend a blank SMS to 606
How to activate Ufone dial tune*666#
 How to share balance from your Ufone Sim*828*Ufone number*amount#
 How To check remaining internet data volume *706#
 How To check Ufone sim number*780*3#

Ufone General Codes

You can check other general options by dialing the codes given below;

Bill Inquiry*129#

How to Activate Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone Internet Packages are easy to activate but it is difficult to remember codes of all packages. We have prepared a list of codes of all U Internet packages activation code for our users. You can activate any of your required package by dialing the code given below. You can activate Heavy bundle, light bucket, weekly light bucket, ufone heavy bucket for week. Ufone monthly Internet Packages activation code and others from the given list:-

Daily Heavy Bucket*8042#
Special Daily Bucket*810#
Mega Internet Bucket*5501#
Daily Light Bucket*804#
3-day Bucket*3350#
Weekly Light Bucket*7811#
Weekly Heavy Bucket*7815#
Monthly 1GB Bucket*7807#
Monthly 3GB Bucket*803#
Monthly 10GB Bucket*5100#

How to Activate Ufone SMS Packages/ Bundles

You can activate Ufone sms bundles within few seconds without remembering any code. We have gathered all data at single place for our valuable viewers. You can activate Ufone daily sms package, ufone fortnighlty sms package activation, ufone unlimited sms, ufone yearly sms package and other Uth sms packages within few seconds.

Daily PackageSend Sub to 605
Fortnightly Package603
Unlimited Package607
Yearly SMS Package601
Uth SMS FnF Package604
Uth Daily SMS Package612
Weekly SMS Bucket608
Daily On-net SMS Package611
Night Package609
45 Day SMS Bucket614

How to Activate Free Social Media Bundles

Ufone social media bundles are necessary for everyone now a days and we have a bunch of Ufone sim codes for you. Our code includes Ufone social daily bundle activation code and other codes.

Social Daily Bucket*4242#
Social Monthly Bucket*5858#

We are hopeful that Ufone Sim Codes by our team has eliminated all your worries. You can save all these codes by taking screenshot or bookmark this page in your browser. Ufone balance check code and ufone number check codes can also help you to get your required result.


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  4. u balance check code is using again & again but the answer from ufone is auckward & it is written that your sms is sent successfully. what does it mean ? it is non sense .

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